Executive Recruitment App and Platform in South Africa

Senior Executive Recruitment

Welcome to Executive Recruitment. . . where we are going to introduce to a great app and platform that can keep you in the work space, and keep utilizing your over 20 years experience and expertise.

We are talking about the PRETIRE App . . . the executive recruitment platform that connects experienced senior executives to exclusive assignments

Bringing Back the Experience

Are you in your pretirement stage of your career but you can't quite stomach the idea of sitting at home and being less active in the work force?

Then this senior executive recruitment app is for you, because with it, you can sign up and make your experience and skills available to possible recruiters and companies who are looking for the kind of skills that you have for short term projects. .

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What You Can Expect From
Executive Recruitment App and platform

Using the app is super fast and easy

Using the app is easy and fast. You simply download the app at the aply store or android store, and use it to browse the directory of vetted and approved pretirees. The candidates on the app have been vetted, and they include former CEOs and CFOs of major listed groups, Tax Specialists, HR Directors, Marketing Directors, Production & Technical Directors, and more.

Download the app and start getting matched with the projects

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Executive Recruitment
Pretire App in South Africa

Browse Directory

See all the candidates on the app, with their qualifications, experience and skills that they have acquired over the years

Competitive Costs

Candidates for free on the app, and our costs are affordable for the clients

Vetted Excellence

The candidates are screen and vetted before they are added o to the app, by the Pretire team

Personal Service

The Pretire team work to minimise admin and make the contractual recruitment process a pleasant one for both the candidates and the clients.

Download the Executive Recruit App today.

Start your pretirement journey today, and get matched with great projects from companies and organisations that need your experitise and skills